Welcome to my studio and thank you for stopping by. I am a lifestyle photographer as well as a wedding photographer with a specialty in film photography. I currently reside in Calgary but I also frequently work as a photographer in Vancouver and throughout Alberta and British Columbia as well as various destinations around the globe. Aside from photographing family, children and wedding work, I am often immersed in editorial and commercial work for brands around the world with a focus on children’s and family clothing and those of which are similar in aesthetic to my own.

Before I became a photographer, I was a young mother and every experience I had with my first child was new and monumental for me. Like the time that my son first began to walk, his determination was repeatedly coupled with cautious efforts. His hand, with tiny fingertips extended, would always reach for ours and instead of a tight grip on our palms he would insist on only holding onto a finger or two. Moving forward, with one wavering step after the next, his eyes beamed he was so proud and so were we. With every passing milestone (both big and small), I thought to myself, these memories so precious and dear to my heart and knowing I would look back on and think fondly of one day, was inspiration enough to document these moments in time. The desire to constantly seek and preserve these moments paved the way into my career in photography. 8 years later, I am now a mother of three and my approach in photography is to document the most honest of times and expressions of the heart to create connection and purpose.

The sincerity of a moment encapsulated in an image is what I am drawn to and strive for. It is how an image is transformed into something that is captivating and beautiful. Beauty comes in different forms and many perceptions. To me, it is a compilation of attributes with not one being more significant than the other but as a whole, these facets intertwine to create something that make us unpredictably feel something. It is an emotion that makes our eyes smile or a feeling that pulls us back into a very moment. It allows us to relive a memory and let our hearts dwell.

My photography begins with a collaboration. It is an honest effort between myself and your (true) self. Should you have any questions or would simply like to say hello (I would love to hear from you!) please contact me.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          – Maria Lang